Safety is a big concern with chinchillas.  While they are hearty little guys, they are also fearless, sometimes to their own detriment.  A basic rule to follow is that if they can get their leg or paw through it, they can get their leg or paw stuck in it. 

Many chin legs have been broken and lives lost from products that are marketed FOR chins! 

Below is a list of products that are dangerous to chins, if you know of any others that I should add, please let me know.:

Wire hay racks The type that hang on the side of the cage.  chins go bouncing around their cage
Exercise wheels with crossbars These are SO dangerous for chins.  Their legs can get caught and amputated.
Pressboard Items Like houses.  The glue that is used to make these boards is toxic to chins.  We use melamine for our cages, and that is pressboard, but the pressboard is coated and they are not exposed to any part that they could chew on.
Exercise Balls The kind that hamsters are put in.  Chins can overheat and die as a result of these balls.
Cleaning Products (lysol, bleach) Be very careful with any strong smelling cleaning products around chins.  Chins are very sensitive and could become ill or worse.

I use vinegar and water mixed to clean my cages.

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