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This was sent to me by Fabian:

Thanks so much for all the information.  Here is what I did differently on my cage:

1.   I used small brass clips to lock the cage rather than a block of wood and mending plates.  One at the top and bottom of each door and one on each side of the tray flap.

2.   For the doors, instead of stapling the mesh on, I grooved the middle of the door panels and assembled the mesh inside it.  There are two things to consider here: The mesh has to be coarse and you have to assemble carefully to get the doors plumb.  I left my wire mesh a little bigger than the opening and the groove so it is squashed in there and holds very tight.

3.   I used the white finishing tape to laminate the exposed edges and give a more finished look to the piece.

Most of the changes are cosmetic, mostly because our cage is in a common room so we wanted it to look as good as it functioned.  You are welcome to distribute these suggestions as you see fit. and if you have any questions, please let me know.


This was sent by Jessica.  She said she made a few changes (looks like more then a few to me.  LOL), and will share the plans when she is finished.

Look what some imagination can do!  Her Milo is going to be one happy little chinny dude!

Wonderful job!!!

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