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Though, our chins do get out to play around our house on a regular basis, we have always wanted them to have the happiest homes they can have.  We weren't really happy with the cages we found in stores, so we (okay, my husband under my supervision) began making our own cages.

When building these cages, please use white pine shelves on the inside, it is safe for chins to chew.  Melamine can be toxic to chins!  These cages are designed so that the chins cannot get to the edges of the melamine and chew.

You can see some of our early attempts here

This is our latest design.  Two cages stacked together, a drawer under every two that will hold ALL of their supplies very neatly. 

The inside of each cage is designed a little differently so that we can relocate the chins occasionally and give them a change of scenery. 

Also, all of these cages are baby safe.

If you go to our Animal Products for Sale page, you will find instructions on how to build these cages yourself.




This is the finished product, eight cages set up together with four drawers underneath.






We took this picture to illustrate the size of our cages.

Our cages are 24"x30"x34"


My husband is 6 feet tall and, if you notice, we had already installed the top shelf in this cage.

Hope this gives some idea as to the size of the cages.


This is a picture of the inside of our cages.  This is the shelf design included in our instructions.








One problem we ran into with these cages was trying to get the chins to go back into their cages if their cage was on the top.  We solved that by building a ladder, which you can watch them going up here or watch them go down here.  It only took a matter of days for them to get the hang of this.  Now they love it!

For a quick, easy, inexpensive and safe wheel to make yourself, click here.


This is Winky at the end of her pregnancy sleeping in one of our pitched roof houses.

In every house we have, the chins have chewed this little head rest place.  Most of them sleep with their chin resting in it.




This is another item we use for chin houses and for them to play in.  It's called a Chimnea and can be purchased at Michael's craft store or Wal-Mart.

The can go in from the front or the top.  Watching them come out the top is pretty funny!





This is three babies in one small chimnea.  Babies really love these things!





This is Tri sleeping in our oldest box type house.  Notice that the chins have "rounded out" the entrance hole, but the house is still in very good shape!  And the chewing has been good for their teeth.

Excuse the look on Tri's face, he was missing his brother who had just left home.

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