This page is intended as a mini lesson on grooming.  The BEST way to learn to groom is to go to a show or a ranch and have a very experienced person show you how.  This chin is being rough groomed only.  This is only intended to show "highlights" and angle of comb.

Chins should be combed from tail to head.  Not all chins are going to be thrilled about being combed, so you need to work out the best way to hold your chin to make them as calm as possible to avoid pulling out too much fur.  You are only trying to get rid of dead fur, not make bald spots.

We want to thank Gimley for being so kind as to let us photograph this session.

You can click on each picture to enlarge it.

This is the fur prior to grooming

Notice the dead fur that needs to come out

Always start at the base of the tail, work in very short strokes, do not force the "tangles" out, and hold the comb at an angle, not pointed at the chin's skin.

Work slowly forward.  Note the angle of the comb.

Moving slowly forward, holding chin's hind feet just off the towel so as to keep him more still.

Always clean dead fur out of comb or it will catch healthy fur and make 'digits'.

Notice the big piles of fur that have been cleaned out of the comb as we've moved forward just in the center of the back so far.

We started working on the side of the chin and he got less cooperative, we are holding him up by the BASE of the tail to calm him during combing, again working from tail forward.

Boy there is a lot of loose fur still on him.  This can be removed with a lint brush, drawn lightly over his fur.

He's a bit more calm, so we let his front feet touch the towel.

Working up toward the neck now, notice how much better he is looking?

At the neck you want to lift the fur a bit to help bring out the strong neck.

We got a lot of fur out on this rough grooming, and boy will his next dust bath feel better!

Top view

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