Sexing Chins



Usually, you can tell the sex of a chin by standing it on all fours and lifting it's tail to see how much space is between the anus and the cone.

The picture on the left shows a male's genitals.  Notice there is MUCH more space between the cone and the anus. This is typical of males.  Also notice that the cone has no slit and is thicker than in the picture of the female.

The picture on the right shows a female's genitals.  Notice the cone and anus are much closer together. Though this is one indicator, its not the only one. I actually have one male with no space between cone and anus. So, the second thing to look for is the "slit".  If you look closely at this picture, you will see a slit that runs up and down the length of the cone. This slit indicates that this kit is a female.


Easiest way to hold chin to sex him/her

Illustrating here slit is on female

Obvious male, lots of space, full cone

Male with very little space

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