Sales Policy



I do require a 50%, non-refundable deposit be paid within one week of a verbal agreement to hold a chinchilla, with the remainder due prior to pick up or delivery. 

Pick up or delivery must be made within two weeks of the original agreed upon date.

Sales Pending

Verbal agreement met, deposit not yet received

On Hold 

 Deposit has been received


 Full payment received, awaiting pickup or delivery


Chin is already living in his/her new home


I put a huge amount of love and care into each and every baby that is born here.  I have very few litters a year, which affords me the time and attention I like to spend to ensure that each chin is as people friendly as possible. 

Because I do spend so much time with each of my babies, I know their personalities very well, and try to pass this knowledge on to any potential buyer.  Like any other living creature, all chins have their own, unique personality and I will explain each one to a buyer prior to agreement of a sale.

First and foremost, I want my babies to go to loving, caring forever homes where they will get the attention and care that they deserve.  I will only sell my babies to approved homes.  My policies are very simple, but very stringent.  I want both the new owner and the chinchilla to be happy.  When I sell a chin, I want it to be to a home that will be theirs for their lifetime.  If you look at my chin rescue page, you will see why this is so important to me.  I don't ever want one of my babies to end up like some of the chins I've taken in here.

I do require that any potential buyer fill out a questionnaire, which will indicate to me the level of a person's chinchilla knowledge as well as their dedication to making the animal as healthy and happy as possible.

While I only sell healthy animals, every person who cares for pets must be prepared for accidents or illnesses.  This means that each buyer should have a chinchilla knowledgeable vet lined up, and be willing to pay a vet in the event it is needed.

I do not sell to people who I feel have a tendency to sell their chins after purchasing or after they have bred a few times.  I do understand that circumstances change, and I allow for this in my sales contract.  However, if this is something that I have noticed a potential buyer doing (especially on a regular basis), that buyer will not be considered as a home for one of my chins.

I also do not feel that chinchillas are good pets for young children.  Chinchillas do not normally like to be held and cuddled much, due to the fact that their fur is so dense and this would make them overheat.  Young children want animals that they can hold and cuddle.  Chinchillas can also live 20 years, if properly cared for, a young child cannot possibly commit to that kind of commitment.  So, I feel this is not a good match.

I require all purchasers of my chins to sign an agreement stating that they are willing and able to provide for all the chins needs, including medical care and that if at any time, for any reason, that person can not keep the chin, I will be given first opportunity to get the chin back as well as a vet signature form from your vet, stating that he/she is willing to care for the animal's medical needs.

This does not mean that I will always be able to take chins back.  There are times I simply have no room here.  If this should happen, I will help you to find the chin a new and loving home.

I do reserve the right to cancel a sale right up until the time the chinchilla is delivered.

We cannot sell to minors.  If a minor is interested, we must talk to the parents, and the parents must be the ones to sign our purchase agreement.

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