This is a sampling of the babies that have been born here.

We are no longer keeping this page up to date, as we just don't have the time.

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1 Standard Female, 1 Standard Male

May 4, 2007, Cola and Napolean

2 Standard, 1 White Females

April 22, 2007, Sandy and Tuck

1 White and 1 Standard Male

March 11, 2007, Breeze and Piquin

1 TOV Ebony Female Violet Carrier, Dwarf or Dwarf carrier

January 13, 2007, Cola and Napolean

1 White Male, 1 White Female, Dwarf Carriers

January 4, 2007, Sandy and Tuck

1 Standard Female, 2 Standard Males, all Dwarf or Dwarf Carrier

December 17, 2006, Kaia and Napolean

Violet Female Dwarf Carrier

November 20, 2006, Leticia and Dudders

TOV Ebony Female, TOV Ebony Male (dwarf or dwarf carriers)

October 23, 2006, Coca and Napolean

Ebony Female

October 12, 2006, Trouble and Tribble

1 Male Mosaic and 1 Female Standard Dwarf or Dwarf Carriers

August 31, 2006, Keta and Nip

2 Female, 1 Male Standard Dwarf or Dwarf Carriers

August 29, 2006, Kaia and Piquin

2 Violet, 2Violet Carrier All Dwarf Carrier Females

August 3, 2006, Leticia and Dudders

Tan Female

July 8, 2006, Popcorn and Gimley

Tan Male

June 15, 2006, Smore and Morg

Tan Female, 2 Tan Males, Ebony Female

June 12,2006, Krackle and Brutus

Ebony Female

June 5, 2006, Trixie and Tribble

2 Dwarf or carrier males, White, Standard or white,  1 Dwarf Black Velvet all possible violet carriers

May 22, 2006, Sandy and Napolean

2 Light Ebony Males

May 16, 2006, Thistle and Dobby

3 Dwarf or Dwarf Carrier Males

May 12, 2006, Kaia and Piquin

Tan Female

May 4, 2006, Pixie and Tribble

Dark Tan Male, Ebony Female, Medium Tan Male

March 14, 2006, Cher and Chakotay

Black Velvet Male Dwarf or Dwarf Carrier

February 20, 2006, Sorsha and Willow

Two Ebony/White Males, One Ebony Male

February 15, 2006, Babe and Tribble

Tan Female

November 25, 2005, Cher and Sonny

Tan Male, Dark Ebony and Medium Ebony Females

November 5, 2005, Popcorn and Dobby

Ebony male, White/Ebony Female, White Ebony Male, all possible TOV

October 27, 2005, Babe and Tribble

Two Dwarf Carrier Females, Standard

October 5, 2005, Kaia and Piquin

TOV Ebony Male

September 1, 2005, Binks and F'lar

Light Homo Tan Female, Dark Homo Tan Male, Dark Ebony Male, Light Homo Tan Male

August 3, 2005, Smore and F'lessen

Two Tan Females

August 1, 2005, Cher and Sonny

TOV Ebony Female (possible VC)

July 9, 2005, Faelien and Bagjeera

Two Ebony Males

July 5, 2005, Poppy and Tribble

Black Velvet, Dwarf Carrier Female

July 5, 2005, Midget and Willow

4 Standard, possible dwarf or dwarf carrier males

June 18, 2005, Kaia and Piquin

One Tan Male, One Ebony Female

May 14, 2005, Popcorn and Dobby

One Tan Female, One Ebony Male

May 8, 2005, Thistle and Tribble

One Dark Tan Male, One Homo Beige Pastel Female

April 13, 2005, Smore and Flessen

One Dark Tan Male, One Light Hetero Ebony Male

April 13, 2005, Naria and Flar

One Hetero Ebony Female, One Standard Female

March 24, 2005 Caliente and Morg

Black Velvet Female

March 20, 2005 Posole and Gimley

Ebony Female

March 19, 2005 to Faelien and Bagjeera

Dwarf Standard Male and Female

Born February 27, 2005 to Gismo and Kaia

Ebony male and Tan Male

Born February 23, 2005 to Peanut and Morg

Two Ebony Females

Born January 20, 2005 to Popcorn and Dobby

Two Tan Males

Born January 17, 2005 Thistle and Tribble

Ebony Female, Ebony Male, Two Tan Females and a Tan Male

Born January 4, 2005 to Cher and Sonny

Ebony/White Female, Tan Male

Born December 24, 2004 to Poppy and Tribble

Tan Female

Born December 23, 2004 to Naria and F'lar

Ebony Violet Carrier Female

Born November 27, 2004 to Faelien and Bagjeera

Hetero Ebony Female, Tan Female, Tan Male

Born November 27, 2004 to Krackle and F'lessen

Tan Female

Born November 3, 2004 to Peanut and Morg

One Hetero Ebony Male, One Dark Tan Male

Born September 29, 2004 to Popcorn and Dobby

Two Tan Males

Born September 12, 2004 to Cher and Sonny

Two Hetero Beige Females and One Standard Female

Born September 4, 2004 to Trixie and Gimley

Two Beige Females

Born August 8, 2004 to Pixie and Gimley

Tan Female, Hetero Ebony Female

Born July 13, 2004 to Peanut and Morg

Ebony/white Male, Ebony/White Male

Born July 1, 2004 to Smore and Tribble

Two Hetero Beige Males

Born May 17, 2004 to Trixie and Gimley

Hetero Ebony Male, 3 Dark Tan Females

Born May 16, 2004 to Poppy and Chakotay


Dark Tan Male, Dark Ebony Female

Born May 7, 2004 to Thistle and Chakotay

Standard Female

Born April 25, 2004 to Pixie and Gimley

Tan male, Every hair shiny black male

Born March 30, 2004 to Popcorn and Dobby


Tan Female, Every hair shiny black male

Born March 24, 2004 to Peanut and Morg


Ebony/White male, Every hair shiny black male

Born February 1, 2004 to Trouble and Tribble

Tan Male, Hetero Ebony Female

Born December 26, 2003 to Lessa and F'lar



Black Velvet male

Born October 28, 2003 to Piquin and Posole


Tan male

Born September 8, 2003 To Lessa and F'Lar


Tan male, Every Hair Shiny Black Female, Ebony/White Male

Born August 10, 2003 To Popcorn and Tribble

Dark Tan female and male

Born August 4, 2003 to Smore and Dobby

At 5 weeks, both kits were at 350 grams.  I believe they will darken to be close to the color of their mother.  And I think one is a TOV

Hetero ebony female

Born June 14, 2003 to Winky and Dobby.


Elmers, Flit and Spot

Tan female, ebony/white female and ebony/white male

Born May 7, 2003 to Pixie and Tribble.

Elmers had trouble being born and mom did some damage (as you can see from the photo) to her during birth.  His vet named her Elmers due to all the glue that had to be used to put her back together.  Currently she is doing very well, gaining weight and acting like a normal chin baby.


Born February 21, 2003 to Winky and Dobby

Standard Boy

Alesson and Moreta

Born November 12, 2002 to Tribble and Trixie

Hetero Ebony boy and girl

Click here to see video that was taken when the babies were less than two hours old.

Click here to see video of them when they were  two days old.



Harry and Hermione

Born on June 6, 2002 to Winky and Dobby

Both are dark Hetero Ebony


Cho Chang, Trilawny and Harley

Born July 25, 2002 to Trixie and Tribble

TOV Tan/White, TOV Ebony/White and Hetero Ebony


Magilla Chinchilla and Rin Tin Chin

Born August 6, 2002 to Pixie and Tribble

TOV Pastel/White and TOV Ebony/White


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